What is an "advisor for life?"


While asset allocation is important to our business, relationships are at its core. We are committed to lasting client relationships founded on trust, understanding and respect. That's what we mean by being your"advisors for life."


When you become our client, we make every effort to gain a clear understanding not only of your financial circumstances, but of your aspirations, your most deeply held values, attitudes about money, goals and even your fears. We want to know what motivates you and what worries you about your financial picture, so that we can propose workable solutions and make recommendations that fit your unique profile.


Throughout our relationship, we'll gladly discuss any aspect of your financial life, from funding a child's education to purchasing a second home. When you contact our office, you can expect a prompt response, thoroughly researched answers and insightful guidance on issues that concern you.


Each year, we present a variety of educational seminars and speakers addressing financial management issues. In addition, our many clients can appreciate events that offer enjoyable opportunities to relax, socialize and become better acquainted in an informal setting. We also regularly send out newsletters and e-mails to help keep you abreast of market developments.


We recognize the level of trust our clients place in us, and understand that trust must be earned and re-earned every time we act on your behalf. Call us today to discover what a financial advisor for life can mean to you.